Eclats de Peaux – Bruno Giner


Eclats de Peaux – Bruno Giner

Score for three percussionists and two orchestra bass drums.


Eclats de Peaux – Bruno Giner

Score for three percussionists and two orchestra bass drums.

Piece premiered by the Ensemble Intercontemporain on March 7, 2022 at the Philharmonie de Paris.

Two bass drums for three percussionists


Each to his own and two for one! To these two instruments (prepared or not), are added body percussion and different modes of play (different sticks or hands).

From this comes a kind of natural theatrality of the percussive gesture. Generally speaking, beyond the prominence of a few pulsed phrases, beyond the techniques used, it is a question of bringing into play various rhythmic textures whose juxtaposition or superposition favors the emergence of more or less global sound morphologies (sound energies), differentiated by their timbre, their mass, their rhythm or their duration.

The skin of the instruments, the skin of the body: everything is a pretext to produce sound, a low and organic sound.

Instrumentation :
2 symphonic bass drums (BD 1 and BD 2)
Accessories: 1 pair of claves, 2 cymbals, 2 large bass marimba bars, 2 tamborine.
Sticks: hard vibra and marimba mallets, drum sticks, medium timpani mallets, 1 superball, small and thin wooden sticks.
The two bass drums are arranged horizontally close to each other.
Percussionist 1 plays on BD 1 and Percussionist 3 plays on BD 2.
Percussionist 2 is positioned in the center and plays on both BDs.
From bar 1 to 79, the bass drums are prepared. Place or attach a low marimba bar and a medium width cymbal on each.
Introduction of body percussion from bar 91 (see symbols)
From bar 153 to 179 inclusive, the percussionists play as on a zarb.
From bar 206 to 228 inclusive, the two tambourines are placed on the skin by percussionist II (respecting the durations indicated) so that the cymbalets vibrate in sympathy.


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