Interlude – Thierry Blondeau


Digital sheet music to download for recorder. Published by Editions Francois Dhalmann. ISMN: 9790560242446. Level: intermediate. Duration: 3mn.

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Interlude by Thierry Blondeau

Four pieces for recorder: Jodel, Raksat, Pavillon bouché, Niwa.

These pieces cannot be heard one after the other, but are to be interspersed in a larger program.
They are really interludes. They are intended primarily for the voice flute in D.
If this instrument is not available, they can be played on the alto (transposing to F) or on the tenor (without transposing).

Jodel (read “iodel”) refers to the vocal technique known as “tyrolean”. It is thus necessary to insist on the tilting of the sound obtained by the alternative fingerings. C sharp is naturally a little high on the recorder, so I have noted it as such. The F ¼ is a simple fingering, even simpler than the sharp or natural, which requires a fork fingering. The point is to find here the untempered nature of the instrument.

Raksat means “dance” in Arabic. As in Jodel, the aim here is to reinforce the untempered nature of the music, as well as its rhythmic and festive nature.

In Pavillon bouché, the pavilion must indeed be plugged. The extra lines have been removed, as the result may vary from one instrument to another. In the vivacious part, it is possible that the accuracy may be different. In any case, the figure, its phrasing and articulations should be favoured over the accuracy of the pitches. The voice must blend completely with the sound of the flute, altering it without ever taking the front.

Niwa, garden in Japanese, here we must imitate Shaku Hachi, his accents at the end of the phrasing, the sound sometimes on the verge of saturation, his tight vibrato, more or less ample, then naturally end in silence.

The piece is dedicated to the flautist Gerd Lünenburger, who premiered the interludes in Berlin in 2008, and who passed away in 2010.

Collection “Maïa : Musique d’Aujourd’hui sur Instruments Anciens” (Today’s music on early instruments) directed by Eric Fischer.

Published by Editions Francois Dhalmann. ISMN: 9790560242446. Level: intermediate. Duration: 3mn.

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